My Favorite Fiction

I use Good Reads a lot. It tracks what I’ve read and what I want to read. I’ve compiled a list of my favorite fiction here. ( )


Over the last couple of months I made a significant change to the book: moving what was chapter 1 to where it fits chronologically and starting the book with the old chapter 2 (Will, age 14, taking his first acid trip). With that, and a boat-load of editing and polishing, I believe it is done,… Continue reading Done!

Other books I’ve written

I have close to two dozen published books about computer programming. You can find them here or

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Going to the Muse

The Muse and the Market Place is arguably the best conference for writers on the east coast. I’m blasted to say that I got a scholarship based on my writing and application. If you are a writer, I highly recommend reading about this event. It will be hybrid this year, and I’ll be attending by… Continue reading Going to the Muse

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Anatomy of a book

My book, Sex, Drugs, and Bipolar started out as a therapeutic exercise: a mind map of my life. It then migrated into a memoir and from there into fiction. The route from memoir to fiction was both freeing and terrifying. I was able to create scenes that never happened, combine people, create new people and… Continue reading Anatomy of a book

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PitMad Dec. 2021

Sex, Drugs, and Bipolar is the story of a queer, broken boy whose suicidal depression and bouts of mania propel him into a world of sex, LSD, and crime in the 1970s. Coming of age and a story of redemption. Think Imagine Me Gone x Jenny Lawson   #Pitmad #A #OWN #LGBT #MH #ND